I Bought a Farm!

I bought a farm! The last few years have been an exciting journey. Mountain Man Micro Farms evolved from a very small operation in a basement in 2015 just outside of Franktown, CO. We outgrew that space quickly and expanded to a 900sqft warehouse which was overgrown with produce in no time. Eight months after moving into that warehouse we relocated a third time to a 1,500sqft warehouse just a few blocks away. This past fall it was clear the time had come to expand again, we found a beautiful 10 acre parcel that believe it or not is only 5 minutes away from the Farms origin in Franktown.
I have some big goals in store, one thing I have always wanted to do is expand outdoors to provide more specialty vegetables with a “culinary garden” that Chefs from all over the state could come and pick their produce from. With wide open sky’s I now have room for things like, squash blossoms, chickens, edible flowers, honey bees, even more micros and much much more!