What exactly is the study of Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the combined study of both aquaculture and hydroponics. With this combination of knowledge, you’re growing both fish and plants in a soilless environment. Through aquaponics, you are no longer the primary nutrient supplier to the system—your fish are. By providing a nutrient-rich feed, your fish will essentially fertilize the water and in turn, your plants will remove these vitamins and minerals from the water column to grow. With the creation of this unique system, you are quite literally building a symbiotic ecosystem. This circular concept is what makes our humanitarian mission possible.


Spreading the word

Along with perfecting your microgreens, Mountain Man Micro Farms LLC is working towards educating the public on all of the advantages to aquaponics, while explaining the beauty and simplicity of the circular concept to anyone willing to listen. Along with this public outreach, we are working towards developing and releasing more sound research on proven aquaponics system designs. By encouraging a greater breadth of research and experimentation, we continue to push the limits of this science and boost the overall effectiveness of an aquaponics system, both for the backyard hobbyist and a leading business.