Building a fruitful future in Arua, Uganda

The TAG team focused its aquaponics efforts on the town Arua, Uganda in 2017. By setting up a Research Training Center in Arua, TAG completed this groundbreaking project to prove their aquaponics concept, educate the public, and provide food security for local orphanages and schools.
With a fully operational system and staff, the Arua aquaponics project is evidence of Andy & TAG’s mission at work. Collaborating with locals and other passionate humanitarians, this project came to life.


Our very own Andy McArdle was on site in Arua over the course of this project, fulfilling his role as Director of Aquaponics by overseeing the entire process from concept to creation. Andy joined the TAG Team in Arua in August 2017 to design, develop, and construct the system. Andy and the TAG Team sourced the required materials and began the construction process, which included the installation of a solar power system capable of operating two water pumps 24/7. Using the same aquaponics methods and technologies developed over the course of his career, Andy and the TAG team set up an innovative aquaponics system that would stand the test of time.


In December 2017, phase two of the project began. Upon returning to Arua, the TAG team began the process of installation and training, with a newly built greenhouse now protecting them from the shade. Tilapia were collected and stocked into the system to begin the cycling process. From there, the nitrification process began, the appropriate beneficial bacteria colonized, and the system seedlings were planted, beginning the data collection process.

With two dedicated TAG members overseeing the growth and curation of the aquaponics farm, including a local Ugandan with a passion to help his people, valuable data is collected from the system every day. This flourishing project is monitored and maintained daily by these compassionate TAG members, ensuring this innovative system provides fresh food and insight for years to come.