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Order your Green Grazer microgreens crate using your phone or computer, choosing your ideal delivery frequency — weekly, biweekly, or monthly.


we deliver
(for free)  

We hand-deliver your fresh greens to your doorstep each week for free (no extra fees included), with Denver Metro deliveries every Wednesday afternoon.


You harvest &
chow down

Snip off and rinse your greens as you need them, mincing them and sprinkling them over your favorite dishes. Don’t forget to keep them watered and near indirect sunlight!

Get Started

Choose from a weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery schedule for your fresh Green Grazer microgreens crate. Your delivery schedule should be determined by your frequency of cooking (eating out or staying in), household size (party of 1 or family of 5), and travel schedule (homebody or jetsetter). Our Green Grazer microgreens crate blends can easily be munched up in a week’s time for the average healthy eater. And if you change your mind and realize our greens aren’t for you, no worries — send us a message to opt out or downgrade your subscription for free. 

Mix up your palate every week.

Our Green Grazer crates have been perfected and selected just for you. Each Green Grazer crate is made up of 8 individual cells, with 4 – 8 green varieties in each crate.
Each week you will receive a “Farmers Choice” blend which was selected and cultivated for you because they are low-maintenance, nutrient-dense, flavor-packed, and versatile. Since we’re a small local farm, the order and circulation with which you’ll receive each blend is determined by what is in season and flourishing in the greenhouse.
Order your first crate now to get a sneak peek of the freshness that lies ahead. Depending on your schedule and our growth cycle, you could receive a new microgreen blend every week.

Knock knock, It’s Mountain Man Micro Farms.

Green Grazer crates delivered every Wednesday between 8 am – 6 pm. 

If you’re not home, we’ll securely leave your crate on your doorstep. 

Order your first crate by Tuesday to receive next-day delivery.

Our team personally delivers your Green Grazer microgreens crate to your door every week. Currently, we’re exclusively offering our personal Green Grazer crates from Castle Rock to Boulder. We hope to bring our fresh perspective to other local areas soon.